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About Tian Long Acupuncture & Health Center

Tian Long Acupuncture & Health Centre uses an advanced special technique to stimulate acu-points to achieve effective blood circulation, internal secretion and upgrade the immune system. As a result, the self-healing capability and the defence mechanism in our bodies would be greatly enhanced.

Modern medical research has well expressed that 80% of diseases can be cured by our immune system and that acupuncture is a perfect technique to accelerate our immune system to react, once the diseases are encountered.

The concept of Traditional Chinese medicine points out that our bodies are covered by a special kind of network known as meridians. They provide the circulation of "Chi." The chi is the essential driving force that ensures blood circulation in our bodies. If a meridian line suffers a blockage, it would affect our blood circulation, and as a result, it would create problems and diseases in our health. Acupuncture is the technique to stimulate and find tune the meridian lines to regulate the circulation of chi. Thus the blood circulation eventually obtains the upgraded effectiveness.

Acupuncture is effective in areas such as: accident Injury, asthma, auto accident related injuries, depression(100%), diabetes, hair loss; hand, arm, and ankle pain; hand, leg, or body edema; hay fever & allergies; headache, high blood pressure; injuries on arm, leg, and lower back; insomnia, knee & joints pain and inflammation, lower back ache, lupus, menstrual issues, migraine, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), neck pain, prostate, shoulder & back pain, stomachache, tennis elbow, torticollis, vertebrae pain & diseases, weight-loss, and much more!

Staff at Tian Long Acupuncture & Health Centre

Ping Chuan Yu - R.Ac R.TCMP

Ping Chuan. Yu - Acupuncturist

The form of ancient Chinese acupuncture that Mr. Yu has learned was past down from generations and generations of monks. His teacher, Dr. Fu Chen Ling, was an orphan who started learning this secret method when he was 6 years old in a temple in Taiwan. Ping Chuan started learning with Dr. Ling when he was a teenager. Areas included Chinese herbs, reflexology, massage, and acupuncture. He even studied Chinese astrology and Fung Shui. Over the years, they lost touch, but reconnected when Dr. Ling finally retired in 1999. Dr. Ling started mentoring Mr. Yu with the highest level of acupuncture, working side by side with many patients.

After many years of apprenticeship with Dr. Ling, Mr. Yu opened up a practice in Toronto, Canada where he successfully helps many of his client alleviate pain and achieve optimal health.


Tsu-Ching Yu - CHt, RP-CRA

Tsu-Ching Yu - Consulting Hypnotist & Reiki Master

Miss. Yu started learning Reiki with Reiki master Barb Keshen in 2005. From there, she completed her level two and eventually attained the level of Master. Over the years, Tsu-Ching has practiced Reiki and is a participant of The Distance Healing Network, where she takes on weekly healing assignments. Her interest in the alternative healing arts also lead her to take Quantum Touch workshops, in particular the Core Transformation I & II.

Miss. Yu expanded her knowledge with hypnosis in October 2008, where she trained under master hypnotist Debbie Papadakis at the Hypno Healing Institute. There she has completed the basic training, master training, and also past-life regression training.

Tsu-Ching is a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists and practices hypnosis and energy work here at Tian Long Acupuncture & Health Centre and is currently studying acupuncture with Mr. Yu as well as studying quantum biofeedback at the Quantum Academies.


Kamil Kowalski - Hon.B.Sc, PTS

Kamil Kowalski - Shiatsu Therapist and Personal Trainer

Mr. Kowalski has used many alternative relaxation therapies for many years while pursuing his scientific career. It wasn’t after his major skiing accident in 2008 that he fully realized the immense value of energy healing. Following the urgent medical care, he attributes his full recovery to Ping Chuan's Acupuncture, Miss. Yu’s Reiki, Japanese Shiatsu, and many profound Spiritual practices.

Soon after Kamil took his personal health into his own hands and spent two years reading and applying health-related books, and discussing the findings with various doctors. Then, inline with his personal interests, Kamil completed Personal Training Specialist course at the Canadian Fitness Professionals and a Shiatsu course at the Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo in Toronto.

As Kamil practiced his skills on few friends and first patients, it became immediately clear that not only he’s a natural, but in addition to the scientific benefits of Shiatsu, Kamil is channelling the universal healing life force capable of healing body organs and balancing Chakras.