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Read what our clients have to say!

"I have struggled with chronic pain and inflammation from psoriatic arthritis in my feet for over 18 years. Triggered by Mono and made worse by a later case of severe food poisoning, my immune system is forever in reactive mode, fighting an "invisible invader" that is not there. Western medicine's solution is to mask the pain with NSAID's and suppress the immune system with DMARD level drugs rather than addressing the root cause of the illness. TCM therapy is highly effective as an alternative for pain management and flare-up prevention. I have tired many different TCM practitioners over the years and my search stopped with Ping Chuan Yu. His special approach to acupuncture and TCM therapy rivals any doctor I have tried in the past. I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with autoimmune disorders and anyone concerned with finding an effective, sustainable and natural alternative for healing."

- Darren had chronic pain and inflammation from psoriatic arthritis

"I can't believe that I have been pain-free for over 35 days. For nine and a half years that has never, never happened.

I suffer from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome referred to as TMJD, (Fibromyalgia Syndrome). Most of the problem associated with this condition, are thought to be related to the muscle and ligament surrounding the joint and not necessarily the joint itself. I would suffer from stiffness, cognitive or memory impairment and dizziness. When the weather changes, I would be confined to my bed with a severe headache. Sometimes it feels like there is a rock in my head. "I must say that the weather changed during my treatment and I still feel great."

My first treatment with Ping Chuan Yu, I immediately felt a difference. I have only had 6 treatments and have never felt better. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years. However, the pain still came back at least twice a month. I was told that I had to wear a bite plate in my mouth for life or to have surgery done to my face. "The doctors said to me that there is no guarantees because things could turn out worse." I have not worn my bite plate since my treatment. I had to train my mouth to eat without it. "That is a small price to pay."

Acupuncture has really changed my life. All I ever wanted was to live a life without severe pain to my face. I look forward to my months and years to come. Ping Chuan Yu along with his wife is very knowledgeable in natural medicine. He can make your pain go away. Take the first step to better health."

- Donnette Peterkin had Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome a.k.a. TMJD.

"Thank you very much for helping me get rid or my depression and the tingling and cramping of my feet and legs!

I have been suffering from depression since 1993 and have been on different types of antidepressants since then. This last bout of depression started in March 2003 and the antidepressants didn't work this time. I suffered a severe depression until I came to you. After one treatment, I felt better - light. After two treatments, I started to feel happier. And by the third and fourth treatment, I felt a big difference in mood! I went from feeling as though I were in hell to feeling that I could live and function again and also that I could be happy again.

My depression lasted 7 months and none of the medications were working; after only 3 treatments of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I went from negative thinking to positive thinking. I went from feeling lethargic to having much more energy. I felt better than I had for years and I didn't need to take antidepressants anymore.

Also, on and off for about 8 years, I have had trouble sleeping because of a tingling and cramping sensation in my feet and legs. I noticed a change shortly after I had treatments. The combination of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has allowed me to sleep peacefully through the night. You also helped me with my circulation. I can't remember how long it's been since I've had warm feet and hands.

The acupuncture was painless. Your skill, confidence, and professionalism helped me to be comfortable from the start. And because the changes in me was almost immediate, I believe in the treatment and its effectiveness. I would highly recommend you to friends and family.

Thank you so much for your help! You are truly a miracle worker."

- Aloisia Subic had depression since 1993

"I have suffered from chronic BACK PAIN for nearly 20 years now. Over this period of time, I have gone to physiotherapy about 200 times and chiropractic treatments also about 200 times! The result: After all of this time, effort, money, and suffering, I sincerely do not feel any better now than when I first went for help all those years! Until...

Ping Chuan Yu is a dedicated, knowledgeable, painstaking professional who deeply cares about the well-being of his patients and not the almighty dollar!

In only three sessions with this fine doctor, my pain has literally vanished. I can only say the facts that I am currently living a life free of pain for the first time in twenty long, frustrating and sometimes extremely painful years."

- R.J. Kosowich had back pain for over 20 years.

"I have suffered from severe muscle tightness & spasticity as a result of loss of oxygen at birth. That caused some brain injury which resulted in reduced flexibility of muscles and impaired my gait. Since beginning treatments with Ping Chuan Yu, he is by far the best and most effective acupuncturist I have ever tried. He is genuinely concerned with improving my condition and his work has greatly improved my gait, flexibility, and overall well-being. Ping Chuan Yu is able to quickly and keenly identify areas that require attention and I believe he has a special knack or touch as an acupuncturist because I have experienced great results after beginning treatments with him. I whole heartily recommended him to anyone looking to recover from pains, tightness, imbalance, or any other ailments. I am confident after trying Ping Chuan Yu that you will agree with me that his treatments can change your life. I recommend him to all my friends and urge you to give him a try. You will not be disappointed!"

- Dave Long had bad muscle tightness/spasms from an injury at birth

"I was suffering intensely with swollen gums on one side of my mouth for 3 long weeks. Nothing the dentist would do for me worked. Finally, I went to see Ping Chuan Yu and after that initial treatment, the inflammation came right down. "

- Tony had swollen gums

"I came to Ping Chuan Yu about 8 months ago as a walk-in seeking treatment for symptoms of MS. I had been seeing my previous acupuncturist for a couple of years and thought I would just reassure myself that I was making the right choice. Immediately Ping Chuan Yu's special style proved more effective than anything I had encountered before. Within 2 weeks my annunciation, the strength in my legs and my balance had improved. Ping Chuan Yu's focus on the causes rather than the symptoms of what ails me has had a profound effect on my life. I highly recommend everyone go at least twice!"

- David Prior had MS

"I am a 53 year old active female. Three years ago, I was afflicted with osteoarthritis in my fingers. I was in terrible pain and worried because I depend on my hands for my employment.

According to medical professionals, I would have to be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs which had serious long-term side affects. I felt desperate, worried and in pain. My fingers were terribly swollen and getting deformed.

I was then recommended to Ping Chuan Yu by a friend that was healed by him after only 3 treatments. My condition improved greatly without medication. I continue my treatment for relief.

And finally, I must add that one of the most important parts of this treatment is Mrs. Yu's care, kindness, and attention. her wonderful tender assistance gives me strength and confidence to fight this terrible illness."

- Anonymous had osteoarthritis in fingers

"Acupuncture relieved my joint pain. It improved my flexibility and mobility and the power in my legs."

- K.D. Rampersad, M.D.

"I came to see Ping Chuan Yu after my lower back had been bothering me for days. Ping Chuan Yu, along with one acupuncture treatment, performed a spinal cord and pelvis alignment on me. That's all it took. Now I am pain free. Need I say more?"

- Gus had back pain

"Ping Chuan Yu is a great acupuncturist! I have 2 chronic conditions - a herniated disc and migraines. Over time the pain of my disc has been alleviated. Whenever I have migraine, Ping Chuan Yu does a combination of massage and acupuncture and within a few hours the migraine is gone.

Not only is Ping Chuan Yu a great acupuncturist, but he and his wife Yu Yu are so kind and generous. They are so friendly making me feel liek part of the family. But the most important thing about Ping Chuan Yu is that he truly practices to help people. He sincerely wants to cure his patients, not make money off them. His prices are affordable for everyone!"

- Eden Fieldstone had herniated disc and migraines

"I was visiting my sister in Toronto when I first heard about the incredible success stories she and her friends were having with Doctor Yu's acupuncture treatments. As I was only in town for the week, I wasn't very confident he would be able to help me in such a short time. Nonetheless, I made an appointment.

I arrived at Ping Chuan Yu's office with a knee made sore by running and a shoulder injury from surfing. After the first visit, I had noticeable improvement in the range of motion of my shoulder and my knee pain was reduced to the point that I no longer felt any soreness when walking. After two visits with Doctor Yu, the pain in my knee was completely gone, even while running.

Now, after a third visit, the pain in my shoulder is significantly reduced. I have one more treatment to go before my stay in Toronto ends and I am confident that after this fourth and final treatment, my shoulder will be back to 100% mobility and power. Perhaps most remarkably, these positive results have happened in only one week.

I would not hesitate to recommend Doctor Yu's acupuncture treatments to anyone."

- S. Brook had pain in knee & shoulder

"Six months ago, I got up out of bed and felt a sharp pain in both my hips. Most days I walk and bicycle and so am in good shape so I figured I must have slept wrong and that the pain would soon disappear. But months went by and it got even worse.

My hip joints were so stiff that I could barely walk some days. And there was pain with every step. In fact, it got so bad that I had to hold onto the handrail on the subway stairs in order to get up the stairs. I thought that if I exercised more, and changed my diet, that the symptoms might disappear. But two months later, I was still feeling just as bad. Then I heard about Ping Chuan Yu and I went for treatment.

After only 3 treatments over 3 weeks, I feel like my old self again. The stiffness and pain has almost completely disappeared. Best of all, I can now run up the subway stairs, as I always did in the past!

Thank you Ping Chuan Yu, and I will return to you whenever I need a tune-up"

- Gale Jones had pain in hips

"Before I started getting acupuncture and herbal medicine from Ping Chuan Yu, I was in excruciating, chronic pain from nerve damage in my feet. I had searched the medical community for nearly a decade for a remedy for my increasingly debilitating disability. Walking was difficult, standing even more painful. Over a nine year period, I went from being able to stand for more than a few seconds without overwhelming pain.

I must admit that when I first started seeing Ping Chuan Yu, I didn't have much hope left. Unlike many of his other patients, I did not see results right away. However, within 2 months, I was no longer in chronic pain and could walk fro an hour without much pain at all. Before seeing Ping Chuan Yu, two minutes was a miracle! Subway rides where standing was necessary were no longer ridden with panic and pain. I was, and still am, quite amazed!

Acupuncture has given me back a level of mobility and independence that I didn't think was possible in such a short period of time. I still have a long way to go to be able to function like able-bodied individuals, but on a personal level, my progress is astronomical. I can't even begin to express the freedom that has come from acupuncture. It is such a blessing!"

- KB had chronic pain from nerve damage

"Initially, I came to see Ping Chuan Yu because of my seasonal allergies. After one treatment and a herb formulation, my allergies were gone. Then I thought, perhaps Ping Chuan Yu could help me with my stiff neck and shoulders. That was relieved after about 5 sessions. At that point, I wondered if Ping Chuan Yu could help me with my weak stomach. For a few hears, I had suffered from weak digestion and nausea. Together with herbs, that problem was tackled in about 15 sessions.

Earlier on in my life I had endured intense stress that has caused major energy burnout. After 7 years, I still haven't quite recovered. So currently, Ping Chuan Yu is helping me to regain this energy and vitality. I am confident I will be back up and running in no time. You really need to experience it for yourself!"

- R. Gill had allergies, pain, and weak stomach

"For years, I have suffered from severe food, chemical and environmental sensitivities. Even as a teenager, I was chronically exhausted and often unable to maintain enough energy to engage socially. As I got older, my food allergies became worse. I was often fatigued and nauseated, and my stomach was so sore after eating that it was sensitive to even the lightest touch. In short, my quality of life left much to be desired.

After 2 sessions (including some herbal medicine) with Ping Chuan Yu, I was able to eat without feeling nauseated, and my stomach cramps were greatly reduced. After 4 sessions, my stomach was no longer tender. After a month of treatments, I was able to eat many foods I'm sensitive to with much fewer side effects.

Dealing with food and environmental sensitivities will be a long-term struggle, but Ping Chuan Yu's acupuncture and herbal medicine have proven to be a key means by which I can heal myself. For the first time in my adult life, I feel energized and strong. I can't say enough about Ping Chuan Yu's skills and dedication. He is a gifted healer who takes a holistic approach to health and healing ailments. I have never had medical professionals as dedicated as he is to helping his patients become well. I highly recommend Ping Chuan Yu."

- I.R. had food and environmental sensitivities

"I have had a knee problem for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would get a strange deep dull pain in my knees when sitting in a drafty or cool area. The condition worsened over the years, happening more and more frequently and sometimes I would not be able to sleep or concentrate on work because of it.

To add to the problem, my flat feet resulted with an over-pronated walking (feet rolling inward) causing chain of complications starting at the arches of my feet, following to my knees, hips, and reaching my lower back. Not only my posture was affected, but I started experiencing severe pains in all those areas. I could not stand or walk for longer than 15-30 minutes and skiing became completely out of the question. I am a tall and bulky individual, and with the limited ability to exercise, my increasing weight was an additional factor in the damage. I realized that I am moving down a dangerous path and started seeking professional help

My visits to doctors and physiotherapists confirmed my worse fears of having quite a critical situation that can result with my inability to walk in a not so distant future. The bad news continued that aside from orthotics (shoe inserts), some thigh-muscle building exercises and possibly knee braces to slow down the damaging process, there is nothing out there that could help me.

I have heard of Doctor Yu and the amazing stories. I decided to ask him whether he could help my difficult situation. After quick examination of the problem areas, Ping Chuan Yu was confident that he can help. To my absolute stunned amazement, after just a few sessions, I no longer felt the cold related or the severe pains in the knees, my arches were no longer hurting, and my daily lower back pains were completely gone. I could now walk around much longer distances and with my posture perfectly straight, I felt overall healthier and more confident.

After around 15 sessions, all the pains were completely gone. i even noticed an improvement in the arches of my feet. They were no longer flat! That was an unthinkable transformation after having flat feet for over 25 years!

I still visit Ping Chuan Yu whenever in need. When I fell on my back, Ping Chuan Yu's acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment vanished the bruising and the pain after only 2 sessions. I speak very highly of Ping Chuan Yu's practice and recommend it to everyone who needs significant magic or just a little fix. I am back on the slopes skiing and the parks riding my bike.

Thank you so much Ping Chuan Yu!"

- Kamil Kowalski had knee problem

"Due to overexerting myself in exercise, my right heel at the bottom of my feet was very painful. It came to a point that I cold not put my feet down after sitting down, getting out of bed, and painful when walking.

By recommendation of a lady whom I met, I started receiving acupuncture from Ping Chuan Yu. After around 10 sessions, the pain of my right heel was much much better to a point that it was not an irritant for my anymore."

-Ellen Yung had pain in heel